“Jane Hastay and Peter Martin Weiss added their considerable talents to the evening. These two are highly respected performers here in the Hamptons (and elsewhere) and deservedly so – they are that good.”
Eileen Casey,

“two artists completely at ease with each other and their material …exquisite taste and timing, elegance and passion.”
Leslie Gourse, Jazz Now

“Jane Hastay, whose beautifully understated and delicate phrasings
are the real centerpiece.“
Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

”Bassist Peter Martin Weiss brings an elegant intimacy to the music.”
Rico Mitchell, Los Angeles Times

“Hastay packs a punch on the piano keys. It’s shocking that big sound comes from the efforts of such a petite woman.”
Eileen Casey,

“strong and artful bass work … stunning”
Ken Franckling, Jazz Times

“… with particularly able accompaniment from the nimble-fingered
Jane Hastay on piano …”
Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Examiner

“Showing his musical chops, Peter Martin Weiss, knows how to get down, low and lyrical on the bass.”
Eileen Casey,

“ Enjoy the sensitive interpretations of pianist Jane Hastay and bassist Peter Martin Weiss. The playing is expressive and the choice of songs is excellent.”
James Williams, Pianist

“Bassist Peter Martin Weiss sets himself a labor of love … rock-solid intonation, playing the leader’s role without ever pushing.”
Bill Bennett, Jazz Times